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  • The Canada Real Estate Auction School which is under preparation, will train 50 professional licensed auctioneers every year

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Online real estate auction has been developed by one of Canada’s leading independent auctioneers Catherine HZ and her team offer years of real estate experience built into their platform to help you get the best possible outcome for your property get the good value.

As a registered Auctioneer, we know the auction process intimately and have developed our website to be easy and logical to use, but also to ensure we cover every part of the process and cooperate all the agencies or agents governance contractual requirements for an enforceable property transaction

Canada Real estate Auction site meets all the legal and industry requirements for the auction process in all regions of Canada. As a leader in this field, we have established contacts and relationships with key partners across all sectors of the real estate industry. They are working everyday with an established group of buyers and investors seeking properties.There is no better place for your online auction then