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FAQs related to all aspects of the process

Thanks to online sites such as ebay, customers are no longer afraid of the prospect of buying and bidding online. We buy everything from weekly shopping, to clothes and holidays online so why not property! Interest in online auctions is at an all time high so now is the time to cease the opportunity and sell your property the modern way.


If you need to sell your property quickly for whatever reason, online auction is the best option for you. From the date of instruction, the process can move very quickly, meaning it is ideal for anyone in a time sensitive situation, such as relocating, needing to dispose of an investment or if you are under financial pressure. Often creditors are willing to work with us to help you sell your property if they have a fixed timescale.

Success Rates

Online auction is proving very popular with investors from all walks of life, meaning demand is high for suitable properties, which gives you a much greater chance of success.

 Safe and Secure

Once the virtual hammer falls, the buyer has legally committed to the purchase and immediately pays a non-refundable deposit to secure the sale. Meaning they are less likely to back out of the purchase.


One of the biggest benefits of Auction is speed. You will have a fixed timescale from the beginning of the process, whether 28 days or 14, you have a clear idea of how long you have until the sale completes.

Competitive Bidding

We all know the aim of an auction of any type is to generate interest from more than one party in the hope they will bid against each other and drive the sales price higher. Depending on the type and demand for your particular type of property, those buyers can be so keen to obtain the property they are willing to go above and beyond what would have been their offer amount through a traditional estate agent.

Positive Marketing

We have a massive buyers list of over 20,000 investors just waiting for the right property. We send daily emails out to these investors with details of all new stock so you can be sure your property is being seen by the right people. We also advertise through the Global largest property portals, through our website and across all social media platforms.

Open Viewings

We hold Open Viewings at your property to boost interest and give all interested parties a fair chance to have a look around. Our viewing agent is in attendance to gauge interest and answer any questions potential buyers may have. Open viewings are held on a set day at a set time and are usually only 30 minutes long at a maximum, this means minimum disruption to you and allows us to control the interest levels.

Best Price

Historically properties for sale through auction will achieve a sale prices in excess of what was originally expected or what could be achieved through conventional sales methods. This is particularly relevant in the case of corporate sales or properties coming to auction through probate as executors have a duty to ensure the best possible price is achieved in the sale.

Rent Retention Until Completion

If you have an investment property with tenant in situ, there is no need to sell with vacant possession, meaning you will still receive any monies from rent right up until the completion date. Whether your property is occupied through an assured shorthold tenancy, regulated tenancy, assured tenancy or commercial lettings, we have a wide variety of investors ready to purchase any style of buy to let investment.

You Get What They Pay

With traditional estate agent sales, you always run the risk of a buyer deciding to withdraw an offer at the very last minute, leaving you disappointed and ultimately sending you back to the beginning of the process with a fallen through sale. With auction, there is no room for negotiation after the online auction has ended, it is the buyers’ responsibility to ensure they have finance in place and that they have carried out proper due diligence prior to bidding. You will receive the amount they have paid for your property, minus any relevant fees, which you will be made aware of up front so there is no guess work involved.

Online auction works differently from in room auction where you may be fearful a cough or similar may be counted as a bid, to bid online you need to be registered and enter your maximum bid, after this the process is automated you there is very little chance of ‘accidentally’ bidding on a  property. Just be sure you have entered the correct maximum amount you are willing to pay and contact the team as a matter of urgency if you feel you have made a mistake at this point. 

Absolutely! We strongly recommend that you consult with your agent broker before bidding. They will be able to conduct expert inspections of the auctioned properties and provide you with professional advice.  This is by no means mandatory.

When the virtual hammer falls, it represents an exchange of a binding contract between the seller and the buyer. It is too late for either party to change their minds, and the sale is required to proceed in accordance with the contractual terms and at the price that was concluded when the hammer fell. Anyone bidding on an auction needs to remember that the winning bidder exchanges contracts straight away, and if you are unsure about buying the property at any time, then you are advised not to bid.

If a property remains unsold after the online auction has ended, it may still be possible to negotiate a sale. You should contact our team to discuss. Our ultimate goals is to achieve both buyers and sellers.

We sell properties to anyone and everyone! Our buyer’s come from all walks of life and backgrounds, we have buy to let investors, first time buyers, downsizers, buy to let investors, builders, developers. Auction can work for anyone.

our deposit becomes due immediately after the bidding has ended and you are the winning bidder.

Standard settlement in an auction purchase is 28 days, however this can vary and may be shorter or longer. Any variation to this period will be included within the Special Conditions and you agent broker will be able to advise you further.

Absolutely, many of our buyers purchase with finance provided by lenders. You will nearly always need to have the deposit monies, however if you have other property assets you may be able to borrow against these. Some purchasers buy with a traditional mortgage, but to do so you will need to ensure you choose a lender who can act quickly. Many others use specialist Auction Finance which can be arranged quickly.

Yes, you will have to be prepared to provide extra information if required in order to so. We may require a letter of authority on company letterhead, signed by a director or officer of the company confirming you have authority to act on behalf of the company. You will also need to provide the company registration number and registered address. This is in addition to the personal ID in the same form as all other buyers.

For companies where an individual/s have a shareholding in excess of 25%, then personal ID verification will also be required for each of those significant shareholders. If you are intending to purchase through a company that is registered overseas, you should speak with our team prior to the auction to confirm what additional procedures are required – this could include the supply of certified documents which will need to be created in advance and be ready for use if you are the successful purchaser.

The deposit payable by the successful purchaser immediately after the virtual hammer has fallen is normally 10% of the sale price. For low value lots, this is subject to a minimum deposit figure of $3,000. Should there be any variable to this amount, it will be detailed within the property particulars.

Depending on a sellers’ circumstances and the level of interest in a particular property, we may be able to accept an offer prior to the auction date. This varies from property to property and you should contact our team for further information if you are interested in offering pre-auction. Any sale, whether pre or post auction is still subject to auction terms and falls under the same processes as purchasing on the day.

If you are the successful bidder, we will require copies of your ID and may also carry out electronic ID verification if required, in order to meet with HMRC Anti-Money Laundering Regulations. We accept the following forms of ID:

Photographic ID

• Current signed passport

• Photo card driving licence

• EU member state identity card

• Armed Forces ID card

• Firearms or shotgun certificate

Proof of Residency

• Utility bill/statement – dated within past 3 months

• Mortgage statement from a recognised lender – dated within past 3 months

• Bank, building society or credit union statement – dated within past 3 months

• Local council or housing association rent card

• Current Canada Passport/Drivers Licence (paper version)


You are the winning bidder. You have to pay your deposit within 3 days after the bidding has ended.

You will be contacted by a member of our Sales Team, who will advise you on the next steps needed to complete your purchase.

Yes, you can. More and more first-time buyers are now turning to auction as a way to get onto the property ladder. Properties are traditionally cheaper, and the process is much quicker, meaning keen first-time buyers are able to get the keys to their new property faster. There can be risks when buying at auction, it is important to carry all necessary due diligence as once the virtual gavel falls there is no turning back and the sale is legally binding.

You will need to work quickly when you find the property that you want to buy. First you should familiarise yourself with the online auction process, need through all of our available guides and make sure you understand how the process works, seek professional Agent advice if you are unsure of anything.

Yes, as the process is online, you must be registered and approved before you can bid in any of our online auctions.

This does apply to every property. An Administration Fee or Charge covers the auctioneer’s costs in servicing the requirements of all those interested in purchasing the property. It is common practice and the fee (plus GST) will be payable by the buyer along with the 10%  deposit after the virtual gavel falls. The amount is a fixed fee.

Depending on a sellers’ circumstances and the level of interest in a particular property, we may be able to accept an offer prior to the auction date. This varies from property to property and you should contact our team for further information if you are interested in offering pre-auction. Any sale, whether pre or post auction is still subject to auction terms and falls under the same processes as purchasing on the day.


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